Growler Magazine Says RockFilter "Poised To Make Minnesota's Best Whiskey"

John Garland from The Growler Magazine was recently down in Spring Grove to see how our small batch, organic whiskey is made. We took him from the farm to the mill to the distillery. Here's what he had to say about our Fence Jumper Bourbon: "After having aged in 15-gallon oak barrels for only a year, Fence Jumper shows a remarkable depth of flavor—a nuanced corn sweetness that levels out just as the smokiness from a touch of rye creeps up on the finish. Most importantly, it shows none of those wet hay or green grass flavors that often haven’t smoothed out of a whiskey at such a young age. It’s a spirit that’s good now, but begs to be imagined at two years, four years, and beyond." 

Pretty cool, huh? 

Read John's full writeup here.