Christian Myrah and Tim Blanski, RockFilter Distillery.

No Barn Nor Glass SHOULD Be Raised Alone

Our founder went from a year in a combat zone to sitting alone on a tractor. He didn’t miss getting shot at, he did miss the camaraderie. We founded fellowship in RockFilter and we hope it grows with every bottle.


We had the farm

Farming is more than working the land. It’s a business. Turning acres into whiskey adds a lot of value, fun included.


In the 1870s, wagons of horses pulled four one-thousand-pound French quartz stones across the Driftless region to Schech’s Mill. They are in use today, still powered by the rushing waters of Beaver Creek.

We had the mill. Schech's Mill, in Spring Grove, Minnesota.
We had the waters of Beaver Creek.

Some say water makes the whiskey. Our natural Karst limestone aquifer has the same geology found in Kentucky, bourbon’s birthplace.


We’ve weathered farming, night aircraft carrier landings, corporate America and Minnesota winters. So making whiskey isn't just a reward - it’s a pleasure.

We had the will

Soil. Toil. Spoils.


Christian Myrah

Like his father before him, Christian is a certified organic farmer and Navy combat fighter pilot. He descends from the settlers of Spring Grove and the Norwegian farmer-warrior stock that gave our state’s NFL team its name. Poet at heart and steward of the land, he is the guiding hand of RockFilter Distillery.

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Tim Blanski

Tim is an ex-corporate sales leader and Twin Cities refugee who fled the rat race for a master woodworking shop, specializing in reclaimed materials. RockFilter is a new outlet for his other passions: selling, exotic flavors, cooking, and a newfound love for unique fine bourbon.

Kyle Dallefeld, RockFilter Distillery

Kyle Dallefeld

Kyle planted and raised heirloom corn and vegetables in the family garden as a young kid in Iowa. Today he and his father are founding partners at Prairie Creek Seed in Dubuque, IA. His passion and industry knowledge of rare, ancient, and organic heirloom variety seeds helps RockFilter source and manage our unique grain profiles for our whiskies and bourbons.

Local On Local On Local

We work with friends and count on neighbors. From old-timers at the Legion to ladies in church basements, the town is pulling for us and whenever possible, working for us. Stop by and fuel the very local economy at our cocktail room.

Map of Spring Grove, Minnesota

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