It's our land and toil. So we can experiment with lesser-known grains, willful ingredients and the element of surprise. Embracing the serendipity of nature and sweat that farmers know too well. The harder the work, the better the pour.

USDA Organic Label. RockFilter whiskeys are distilled from organic grains.
“If I weren’t a dairy farmer, I’d have another.”
— Fencer, Farmer, Father, Friend - Blackhammer, MN


organic Bourbon

A classic mash with the earthy surprise and sophisticated sweetness of grain sorghum.

Fence Jumper

organic Bourbon

Emerald green organic heirloom corn mingling lazily with the soft spiciness of Northern Rye and mellowed with Black Cherry wood smoke.  


organic Bourbon

Creamy oats and a kick of rye create a mouthful worth savoring.

Red rider

organic Rye Whiskey

Bold winter rye with applewood smoked oats, recommended for the knowing or the bold.

Barrel roll rye

organic Rye Whiskey

Richly endowed with organic corn and hearty rye, this Rye Whiskey deservedly earned our first Gold Medal!

Dessa’S Time & Distance

organic Rye and Corn Bourbon

A home grown Minnesota collaboration with the artist Dessa.
Time and Distance is a rare sold out first edition Bourbon that lit up social media!

“Well balanced with a smooth sweetness of brown sugar and maple cereal”
— -American Distilling Institute