RockFilter Distillery: Planted, tended, milled, & distilled in Spring Grove, Minnesota.

We Are Farmers

Born of farmers, we work the Minnesota land our ancestors settled. It gives us freedom to raise what we want, fear no effort, and be creative by necessity.

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RockFilter Award-Winning Bourbons
Stone Ground. Whole Wheat. Buckwheat. Cornmeal. Schech's Mill in Spring Grove, MN, home of RockFilter Distillery.

It was all here

And so were we. Limestone filtered Karst water. Fertile acres. A water-powered mill. Orchards. White oak for barrels. Restless souls and willing hands. Only one thing was missing: a distillery.

Working the Myrah Farm, planting grain for RockFilter whiskey and bourbon.


Seed to sip, grains to glass. Certified-farm distillery means we do it all. We grow the grains. We cook the mash. We distill the spirits. We label every bottle. We’re not about to hire out the fun.   

We Grow Good Here

Our seeds are non-GMO, untouched by pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Livestock and varied crops enrich the soil. Even the dung beetle does its part by breaking manure into nutrients. The better the soil, the better the ingredients, the better the whiskey. Share it with old friends and drink it with new ones. Today’s drink is tomorrow’s story.

RockFilter grains are grown on a certified organic farm. No pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides because the best grain makes the best whiskey.
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