Organic Giants of the Earth Bourbon Whiskey from RockFilter Distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota.

red rider Rye

Organic small batch rye whiskey

Not just another Rye Whiskey.  Made from a high rye grain mash, with a unique and subtle addition of Applewood Smoked Oats to compliment and enhance the creamy spiciness of the classic American Rye Whiskey.

Made from Organic
Hardy Winter Rye and Applewood Smoked Oats.

Tasting Notes
A unique light smokiness couples with the soft creamy oats to enrich the spicy earthiness of the bold winter rye.  An intoxicating nose of light toffee, dried oranges, sweet raisins, and smoke give way to a palate of sugarcane, toasted walnuts, and spicy rich grains.  The finish is caravan black tea, sweet nuts, mint, bright pepper, and soft smoke.

Red Rider Back Label.png
“Nose of light coffee, dried oranges, and sweet raisins.”
— -The Fifty Best - Rye Whiskey