Organic Giants of the Earth Bourbon Whiskey from RockFilter Distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota.


Organic Small Batch Bourbon

It starts with a classic bourbon mash of corn and rye. The rare addition of grain sorghum makes this an earthy, rich and very grain-forward bourbon. That's grain sorghum, not sorghum molasses. We're one of the very few American distillers to use it.

Forged in new charred American White Oak barrels, this deep mahogany spirit delivers a rich nose of roasted brown sugars and dark toasted nuts, with the sorghum providing its trademark hint of tropical sweetness.

Made from Organic
Dwarf White Sorghum, Corn, and Winter Rye

Tasting Notes
The palate is deep and flavorful, with an explosion of lavish grain, lightly toasted fruit and dark vanilla. A long, pervasive and satisfying finish reminds you that this is not an ordinary bourbon, but a giant of the earth.

“Nose of roasted corn, light pepper, toffee, pecan pie, and molasses.”
— -American Distilling Institute