Organic Giants of the Earth Bourbon Whiskey from RockFilter Distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota.

stones throw 

Organic Small Batch Bourbon

A relative to our award winning Giants of the Earth, with oats replacing the grain sorghum in
this bourbon. Oats add a smooth mouth feel and a more floral palate and nose. Stone’s Throw is a softer, mellower, creamier bourbon than the deep, full and robust Giants.

Aged in charred new American White oak barrels, Stone’s Throw delivers sweet floral notes mingled with spice, caramel, and toasted brown sugar. A finish lingers with sweetness, yet depth and the signature RockFilter rich grain flavors.

Made from Organic
Corn, Oats, and Winter Rye

Tasting Notes
Tasting notes here.

“Nose of roasted corn, light pepper, toffee, pecan pie, and molasses.”
— -American Distilling Institute