Organic Giants of the Earth Bourbon Whiskey from RockFilter Distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota.

barrel roll rye 

Organic Small Batch rye whiskey

A gold medal-worthy Rye Whiskey sweetened with organic yellow corn, delivering the hallmarks of a robust classic rye spiciness balanced with the complexities of fruit. A “high Rye” with a rich two grain marriage makes it pleasing and an easy introduction to Rye Whiskey. Created, distilled, and delivered with the finesse of the fighter pilot’s barrel roll!

Made from Organic
Winter Rye and Corn

Tasting Notes
Well balanced with a subtle nose giving way to a pleasing surprise of classic rye spiciness, mint, cherries, and pineapple upside down cake. Hints of various fruits, muted by soft tobacco and spice.


Barrel Roll Text.jpg.png
“The nose has beautiful vanilla characteristics and a creamy nuttiness on the palate that is very enticing.”
— American Distilling Institute